A Journey to Transcarpathia, Mysterious and Wild

Why this tour?

The starting point of your travel is Lviv, the biggest city in Western Ukraine, and the center of the historical region of Galicia with beautiful architecture and rich history. Being a medieval fortress on the crossroads of many transcontinental trade routes, Lviv (also known as Leopolis, Lemberg or Lwów) was a melting pot for many cultures, like Ukrainian, Polish, German, Armenian, Austrian, Jewish, Italian, and many more. They all left their legacies, which create unique atmosphere of contemporary Lviv.
You’ll proceed to the Carpathians mountains and Transcarpathia, the land of high mountains, unwinnable castles, thermal pools, vineries, and absolutely delish cuisine!
You will see breathtaking mountain views and hidden forest waterfalls and lakes, get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the mountain villagers, and enjoy the natural treasures of the Carpathians which are the largest territory of wilderness still left in Europe. You will also visit the most beautiful and mysterious castles and palaces of Transcarpathia, which still keep the secrets and passionate love stories of their owners. The farewell medieval dinner in the castle will make your experience unforgettable!
6 days
on request

Tour Program

Day 1

  • Lviv: arriving, transfer from the airport to the hotel, check-in
  • Historical Center of Lviv, listed on the UNESCO world heritage list: medieval Armenian, Ukrainian and Jewish quarters of Lviv’s Old Town

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Around the historical center of Lviv (optional): St.George’s Cathedral (the metropolitan cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church), High Castle viewpoint, Lychakiv cemetery (the necropolis of the XVIII-XX centuries)

Day 3

  • Breakfast and check-out
  • Schoenborn palace
  • Palanok Castle in Mukachevo (Munkacz)
  • Lunch
  • Tasting session of the old Celtic alcohol beverages in medieval cellars in the territory, once inhabited by Celtic tribes («Celtic Household»)
  • Saint Miklosh Castle
  • Dinner and overnight stop in Pylypets

Day 4

  • Breakfast
  • Synevyr Meadow: walk around Synevyr Lake, visit to the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center
  • Kolochava: the Church of Saint Spirit (XVIII cent.), «Old Village» skansen
  • Lunch in kolyba (a mountain hideaway)
  • Optional: handicraft demonstrating and tasting session of local potato dishes
  • Getting back to the hotel
  • Dinner
  • Optional: sauna

Day 5

  • Breakfast and check-out
  • Pylypets mountain resort: walk to the waterfall, chairlift to the top of the Gymba mountain
  • Optional: lunch or coffee break on the mountain pass
  • Return to Lviv: check-in

Day 6

  • Breakfast and check-out
  • Transfer to the airport

Price includes:

  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Transportation by bus
  • Hotels (double room)
  • Meals
  • Guide and translation services
  • Entrance fees for the museums

Price Does Not Include

  • Extra drinks and meals
  • Sauna
  • Handicraft demonstrating
  • 2nd excursion in Lviv

Special terms

During the tour, you won’t put much of physical efforts, but we will have some walking in the mountains. Thus, we ask you to have comfortable trekking or sports shoes. Unfortunately, lack of local infrastructure makes this journey unavailable for handicapped people. Also, please note that deep in the mountains weather could be challenging, which implies lower temperatures, windy conditions or sudden rain. Please dress accordingly.
In the case of dramatic weather changes that could threaten the safety of the group, the program could be changed.

Sightseeings to visit

Synevyr Lake is the biggest mountain lake in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (989 meters asl). The name of the lake could be translated as «Blue Whirlpool»; it’s local name is «The Sea Eye Lake». The lake appeared in the result of an earthquake 10 thousands years ago when the big landslide blocked the narrow valley which later filled with the water.
Kolochava is a mountain village, located deep inside the mountains on the territory of the national park. It was founded in the XVth century by rebellious runaways. The borderland village had a stormy past; throughout the XXth century, Kolochava was a part of 6 different states. In the beginning of the XX century, the village with its picturesque vicinity were a favourite film shooting location for Czekh directors; some of the most popular Czekh movies of the 1920-30s were made there. Kolochava is famous for its 10 museums, including skansen which depicts the every-day life of the transcarpathian village.
Schoenborn palace was build by the Austrian-Hungarian Count Schoenborn as a hunting lodge in the end of XIX century. The palace was built in the style of Romanticism with the elements of gothic which was a fancy trend at the time. Romantic idea also prevail in the palace planning, as its doors, windows and other elements altogether create the numerological metaphor of the flow of time. Around the palace there is a well-curated park with the rare botanical species. From 1945 and on, the palace hosts a health resort for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
Saint Miklosz Castle is a fortress, built in the XVth century in the Romanesque style. In the end of the XVII century, the gloomy and bleak castle became a retreat for the passionate romance of the Duchess Ilona Zrinyi and her lover, later husband, Count Imre Thököly whose affair was a European sensation of the day.
Palanok Castle in Mukachevo is a well-preserved fortress, first built in the XI century, with the different architectural influences of the later historical periods. The name of the castle comes from the stockade (palanok) around it. The castle played an important role in the History of Hungary, Transylvania, and Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In the XVIIth century, the rebellious and beautiful Hungarian Duchess Ilona Zrinyi stood against the Austrian Habsburg Empire, and defended the besieged castle for 3 years. Nowadays, the castle serves as a venue for the local Historical Museum.


Double or twin rooms. Extra charge for single room.


Breakfasts in Lviv, half board in the Transcarpathia (included in price).

We kindly ask you to follow our rules. They are for your safety:

  • no alcohol on the road or during mountain walks
  • please stick to the tour schedule and do keep up with the group
  • please follow guide’s instructions
  • children under 16 should be accompanied by adults


Optional — German or Polish

Additional information:

If you arrive before the tour starts, we can also offer you additional accommodation and guided tours in Lviv. Just let us know!