Sakura Viewing and Wine Tasting in Uzhgorod

Why this tour?

The transient and fragile beauty of spring flowers has inspired the Japanese for over a thousand years. Ancient Japanese tradition to admire blossoming cherry, or sakura, trees has found its way into Ukraine. The mild climate of sunny Zakarpattya region is favourable for whimsical sakuras and for winemaking as well, making the region a famous wine destination in Ukraine. That is why we offer to combine the contemplation of flowers with the tasting of local wines. The Schoenborn Palace and the collection of Uzhgorod city mini-sculptures complement the program of this one-day tour.

1 day

on request

Tour Program

  • departure from Lviv (7:30)
  • Schoenborn Palace: a walk in the palace park
  • Uzhgorod: a guided tour in the city centre
  • free time for visiting Uzhgorod Castle or a walk in the city
  • wine tasting (optional)
  • return to Lviv (appr. 22:00)

Price includes:

  • bus transportation
  • guiding and translation services
  • guided tour in Uzhgorod
  • entrance fees for Schoenborn Palace

Price Does Not Include

  • meals
  • wine tasting (95 uah per person)
  • entrance fees for visiting Uzhgorod Castle(adults 45 uah, students 35 uah, children 20 uah)

Special terms

This tour does not demand intense physical efforts.
Making a reservation, please mention if you want to order wine tasting.
Cost of the tour can be calculated according to the amount of your group.

Price for the individual tourists

  • group of 4 people — 99 euro per person
  • group of 7 people — 59 euro per person
  • group of 15 people — 39 euro per person


Schoenborn palace was built by the Austrian-Hungarian Count Schoenborn as a hunting lodge at the end of XIX century. The palace was built in the style of Romanticism with Gothic elements, according to the fashionable trends in architecture at the time. Romantic ideas also prevail in the palace planning, as its doors, windows and other elements altogether create the numerological metaphor of the flow of time. Around the palace, there is a well-maintained park with rare botanical species. Since 1945, the palace hosts a health resort for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
Uzhgorod is the regional center of Zakarpattya oblast. The name of the city derives from the local river Uzh. The settlement here was founded more than 1100 years ago, and in the chronicles the city is first mentioned as a fortress of the local tribe belonging to the bigger White Croatians group, which dominated the area in the 6-10 centuries AD. Nowadays, it is the smallest regional center in Ukraine, with the population of 125,000, and one of the most multi-national ones: over 70 nationalities call it their home, including Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians, Jews, Roma and others. Uzhgorod castle and local wine tastings are some of the most popular local attractions.
The sakura trees of Uzhgorod. Zakarpattya is one of the few places in Europe where these decorative Japanese cherries are growing in great numbers. The local legend says that the sakuras were brought by a Japanese delegation as a present to the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef. The local residents stole several seedlings, which were subsequently sold in Uzhgorod as fruit trees. According to an official historic version, sakura trees were introduced in Uzhgorod in the early 1920s by the Czech administration of the time, when it was redeveloping the district of Galagov, which is the city centre nowadays. The local swampy terrain was not good for many plants, but the sakura trees were breeding successfully in the mild Zakarpattya climate.
The mini-sculptures of Uzhgorod started to appear in 2010 when the figurine of St. Nicholas' assistant by the Uzhhorod sculptor Mykhaylo Kolodko was installed on the railing of the Uzh river embankment. He continued to create a series of the other small monuments, now scattered around the centre of Uzhhorod. Most of the sculptures are connected to the local history in some way, including figurines of Ferenc Liszt and Mozart, John Lord, the Good Soldier Švejk, Rubik's cube, RMS Carpathia that saved Titanic passengers, the famous emigrants - artist Andy Warhol and Sergeant Mikhail Shtrank (or Michael Strenk) who raised the Flag on Iwo Jima, and many others.

We kindly ask you to follow our rules. They are for your safety:

  • no alcohol on the road or during mountain walks
  • please stick to the tour schedule and do keep up with the group
  • please follow guide’s instructions
  • children under 16 should be accompanied by adults



Additional information:

If you want to spend some time in Lviv and arrive before the tour, we are glad to offer the following services:
  • transfer from the railway station or airport
  • booking accommodation in hotels
  • guided tours
  • advice regarding your stay and leisure time in Lviv — don’t hesitate to ask!