The Peaks of the Lviv Region: Ilsa Mountain

Why this tour?

We’ll discover unknown peaks in the famous tourist destinations around Lviv. Slavske is a well-known local ski resort, and Skole is a popular place for hikers and mountain bikers. And just next to those hot-spots there is little known Ilsa mountain - easily walkable yet visually rewarding trail for a pleasant one-day hike. On the way there, we’ll stop near the neo-baroque Groedel Palace, to find out about the rich industrial heritage of this region.

1 day

37 € per person

all inclusive

Tour description

  • departure from Lviv (7:00)
  • start from Slavske village (train station)
  • snack break
  • ascent to the top of the Ilsa Mountain (1066 m asl)
  • snack break
  • descent to Volosyanka village
  • return to Lviv (appr. 20:00-21:00)

Price includes:

  • bus transportation
  • meals during the hike
  • guiding services

Price does not include:

  • extra drinks and meals
  • travel insurance

Special terms

The program of the tour is designed for physically healthy people who are interested in outdoor activities. The length of the route is 9 km, which in combination with snow will increase the difficulty of the path. This tour is of moderate complexity. During the tour, everybody carries his/her own backpack with personal equipment and a share of food supply for the group.

Higher in the mountains, the temperature may be significantly lower than that at the foothills, and strong winds may occur. Unpredictable weather changes are possible, too.

The guide reserves the right to make changes in the program depending on the weather or the condition of the participants.

Recommended Equipment

  • Light backpack for hiking (daypack) with a rain cover
  • Trekking shoes (waterproof)
  • Gaiters
  • Warm socks (and a spare pair)
  • Thermal underwear (both top and bottom)
  • Wind stop and waterproof pants and jacket
  • 2 Fleece jackets or sweaters (1 light and 1 warm)
  • Warm hat and buff
  • 2 pairs of gloves, a light and a warm pair (waterproof and wind stop)
  • Sitting mat with a fixing belt
  • Thermos with hot tea
  • Headlamp
  • Cellphone
  • Trekking poles
  • Personal portable first-aid kit
  • Sunglasses or goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Set of clothes for transfers during the tour (shoes, socks, underwear, outerwear): please mind that the clothes after hiking may be wet or dirty


Skolivski Beskydy is a mountain range in the Ukrainian Carpathians, a part of the Eastern Beskydy. It is located mostly on the territory of Lviv region and partially in Ivano-Frankivsk region. A historical town of Skole, which is a county center, is located approximately in the middle of the range, hence the name Skolivski Beskydy. Many local toponyms, such as Skole, Slavske, Opir, Parashka, are connected to the dramatic events in the turmoil history of Kyiv Rus, a medieval proto-Ukrainian state. Parts of this area, such as “Skolivski Beskydy” National Park, are protected territories. The range possesses many nature attractions, including Dovbuch cliffs, Kamyanets waterfall, Hurkalo waterfall, Dead Lake, and others.
Groedel Palace is an architectural heritage site of the local significance, located in the Domna suburb of the Skole town. On the verge of 19-20 centuries, this neo-baroque palace belonged to the local industrial moguls, barons the Groedel brothers. After Soviet Army occupied Western Ukraine in 1939, and after WWII, the Palace hosted an NKVD department (Soviet secret police before KGB). Since 1950s, the palace was, and still is, used as a boarding school.
Ilsa Mountain (1066 m asl) is located in the center of the mountain circle around the Slavske village. From the Ilsa top, you can have great views of the neighbouring Trostyan mountain (1235 m asl) in the North-West, and Vysokyy Verkh (or High Top, 1242.8 m asl) in the South-East. Far to the South-West, you can see the silhouettes of the mighty Borzhava range in Zakarpatty region. In the valleys, you can clearly see Slavske, a popular ski resort, Tarnavka and Volosyanka villages. Recently, a back country ski trail was marked with Ilsa as a destination point. Ilsa is also nicknamed Witch mountain, after Ilsa the witch, a fairytale character whose life was connected to this place.


Two snack breaks.


  • No alcohol during the active walking part of the tour
  • Please stick to the tour schedule and do keep up with the group
  • Do not litter and take your waste with you
  • Children under 16 should be accompanied by adults


English / German / Polish, and Ukrainian with consecutive interpretation to the aforementioned languages.

Additional information:

If you want to spend some time in Lviv and arrive before the tour, we are glad to offer the following services:
  • transfer from the railway station or airport
  • booking accommodation in hotels
  • guided tours
  • advice regarding your stay and leisure time in Lviv — don’t hesitate to ask!