Peaks of the Lviv Region:
Parashka Mountain

Why this tour?

Parashka mountain is one of the highest and most picturesque peaks of the Skolivski Beskydy mountain range. The mountain went into history by dramatic events of the Kyiv Rus period, when descendants of Volodymyr the Great were fighting for the throne. According to the legend, Princess Paraska was killed just here, following the battle between two sons of Volodymyr the Great. This historical turmoil echoes in the name of the mountain. It was also the place of fierce battles during World War II. Today it is a favourite destination for many tourists due to amazing landscapes are seen from the ridge of the mountain. A picnic and a photoshoot near Hurkalo waterfall will make a spectacular ending of the tour.
1 day

44 €

per person
all inclusive
on request

Tour description

  • departure from Lviv (7:00)
  • transfer to Korostiv village
  • ascent to the ridge of Parashka Mountain
  • snack break
  • hill walk and ascent to the Parashka summit (1268 m asl)
  • descent to the Hurkalo Waterfall
  • snack break
  • return to Lviv (appr. 22:30)

Price includes:

  • bus transportation
  • meals during the hike
  • guiding services

Price does not include:

  • extra drinks and meals
  • travel insurance

Special terms

The program of the tour is designed for physically healthy people who are interested in outdoor activities. The length of the route is 20 km. Sections of rocky terrain may increase the complexity of the path. This tour is of moderate complexity. During the tour, everybody carries his/her own backpack with personal equipment and a share of food supply for the group.

Higher in the mountains, the temperature may be significantly lower than that at the foothills, and strong winds may occur. Unpredictable weather changes are possible, too.

The guide reserves the right to make changes in the program depending on the weather or the condition of the participants.

Recommended Equipment

    If you need any additional equipment, you can rent it with us. The prices are given per person per day. We kindly ask you to reserve the equipment in advance. We don't demand any deposit from our clients.
    Equipment items Rental price, per day
    Backpack for hiking (daypack) with a rain cover  
    Gaiters 50 UAH
    Trekking poles 50 UAH
    Sitting mat with a fixing belt  
    Plastic bottle of water (1,5 L or more); a thermos for spring or autumn season  
    Headlamp (for spring or autumn season)
    Personal portable first-aid kit  
    Trekking shoes (light)  
    Thermal underwear — top, for spring or autumn season — also bottom  
    Light pants (long, not shorts!), for spring or autumn season — wind stop  
    Fleece jacket or sweater, two for spring or autumn season — 1 light and 1 warm  
    Light hat (cap, buff or bucket hat), for spring or autumn season — also warm hat  
    Light wind stop gloves (for spring/autumn)  
    Waterproof and wind stop jacket  
    Raincoat (poncho)  
    Set of clothes for transfers during the tour, taking into account the fact that the clothes after hiking can be wet or dirty (shoes, socks, underwear, outerwear)  


Parashka Mountain is the highest peak of the mountain range that has the same name (1268 m). There is a memorial plaque at the top of the mountain with the following inscription: «Paraskevia, the daughter of Drevlyany Prince Svyatoslav, was killed and buried here in 1015». Following the legend, the mountain was named after her. If the weather is fine one will enjoy wonderful Carpathian landscapes.
Hurkalo Waterfall is located on the Big river (the tributary of the Stryy river), 570 m above sea level. The water drop height is about 5 m. The waterfall consists of one cascade that is divided into two streams by rocky ledge. One of them is considerably deeper than the other. During dry seasons, the smaller stream practically disappears, though it fully corresponds to its name (translated as «roarer») during spring floods. High water is running from the slopes of Parashka ridge and falling into the water pot of 10 m in diameter and 2 m in depth with a mighty roar. Though the water is quite cold, it is possible to swim in Hurkalo in summer.
The Parashka mountain range is located in the Skolivski Beskydy mountain range. It begins 4 km to the west out of Skole town and stretches for 7,6 km to the northwest. Its highest peaks are Parashka, Tymkiv Verkh, Zelena, Obroslyy Verkh, Korchanka. The range is covered with numerous half-ruined trenches, dugouts and bunkers from the times of World War II.


Two snack breaks.


  • No alcohol during the active walking part of the tour
  • Please stick to the tour schedule and do keep up with the group
  • Do not litter and take your waste with you
  • Children under 16 should be accompanied by adults


English / German / Polish, and Ukrainian with consecutive interpretation to the aforementioned languages.

Additional information:

If you want to spend some time in Lviv and arrive before the tour, we are glad to offer the following services:
  • transfer from the railway station or airport
  • booking accommodation in hotels
  • guided tours
  • advice regarding your stay and leisure time in Lviv — don’t hesitate to ask!