Pikuy - Borzhava

Why this tour?

Our two most popular summer routes, to Pikuy and Borzhava, are combined in the one weekend adventure. Your efforts will be rewarded with the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian Mountains.
2 days

119 €

per person
all inclusive
on request

Tour description

day 1

On the first day, we ascend the summit of Pikuy Mountain, walking along the marked path (16 km)
  • departure from Lviv (7:00)
  • transfer to Bilasovytsya village
  • start of the ascent
  • snack break
  • ascent to the summit of Pikuy Mountain (1408 m asl)
  • snack break during the descent to Bilasovytsya village
  • transfer to Volovets
  • dinner and overnight stop in a hotel

day 2

On the second day, we walk through Borzhava Range, one of the largest mountain ranges in the Ukrainian Carpathians (15 km)
  • breakfast and check-out
  • transfer to Volovets pass
  • ascent to the summit of Velykyy Verkh Mountain (1598 m asl)
  • snack break
  • descent to the Shypit Waterfall through the tract of Kryvi Puti (which means Curved path)
  • snack break
  • transfer to Volovets
  • return to Lviv (appr. 21:00)

Price includes:

  • bus transportation
  • hotel (double or twin room)
  • meals in hotel (dinner and breakfast) and during the hike
  • guiding services

Price does not include:

  • equipment rent
  • extra drinks and meals
  • travel insurance

Special terms

The program of the tour is designed for physically healthy people who are interested in outdoor activities. The average distance of the daily walks is 15-16 km. Snowy terrain may increase the complexity of the path. This tour is of moderate complexity and recommended to those who have the experience of day-long mountain walks. During the tour, everybody carries his/her own backpack with personal equipment and a share of food supply for the group.

Higher in the mountains, the temperature may be significantly lower than that at the foothills, and strong winds may occur. Unpredictable weather changes are possible, too.

The guide reserves the right to make changes in the program depending on the weather or the condition of the participants.

Recommended Equipment

    If you need any additional equipment, you can rent it with us. The prices are given per person per day. We kindly ask you to reserve the equipment in advance. We don't demand any deposit from our clients.
    Equipment items Rental price, per day
    Backpack for hiking (daypack) with a rain cover  
    Gaiters 50 UAH
    Trekking poles 50 UAH
    Sitting mat with a fixing belt  
    Plastic bottle of water (1,5 L or more); a thermos for spring or autumn season  
    Headlamp (for spring or autumn season)
    Personal portable first-aid kit  
    Trekking shoes (light)  
    Thermal underwear — top, for spring or autumn season — also bottom  
    Light pants (long, not shorts!), for spring or autumn season — wind stop  
    Fleece jacket or sweater, two for spring or autumn season — 1 light and 1 warm  
    Light hat (cap, buff or bucket hat), for spring or autumn season — also warm hat  
    Light wind stop gloves (for spring/autumn)  
    Waterproof and wind stop jacket  
    Raincoat (poncho)  
    Set of clothes for transfers during the tour, taking into account the fact that the clothes after hiking can be wet or dirty (shoes, socks, underwear, outerwear)  


The Main Carpathian Watershed is a part of the Great European Watershed, which divides the basins of Black and Baltic seas. The largest rivers of the region, such as Dniester, Syan, Uzh, Latorytsya, Stryy, Rika, originate here. The ridge has few accessible passages, such as Uzhotsky, Veretsky, and the oldest one, Ruska Put (in Ukrainian, Rus way), known since neolithic times. This route was widely used in the Medieval period by the Rus kings for trade and wars.
Bilasovytsya is the traditional village populated by Boyky, a local ethnic group. The village still keeps its traditional way of life, including its specific food traditional such as «sharp cheese», non-matured and very salty brynza-type cheese made of cow milk.
Pikuy mountain is the highest peak of the Beskyd Watershed Ridge and the highest geographical point of Lviv region (1408 m asl). The peak is covered with picturesque rocks and steep cliffs. The views from the mountain peak offer the best panoramas in the Lviv region.
Virgin beech forests cover the southern part of the Watershed Range; further to the South-West, the beech forests are listed as a part of the trans-border UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Ukraine has one of the biggest populations of the untouched forests of beech trees, which once used to cover most parts of Europe.
Polonyna Borzhava is a mountain range in the Ukrainian Carpathians, which lies between the rivers of Vicha, Borzhava, Ripynka and Rika in the Transcarpathian region. It has the longest woodless mountain meadows in Transcarpathia, stretching for about 50 km. Borzhava is mostly covered with grass and bilberry bushes, which creates the characteristic velvety appearance of its slopes and makes it a favourite destination for berry foraging from July till September.
Velykyy Verkh (in Ukrainian, the Big Peak) is one of the mountains of the Borzhava Range (1598 m asl). The summit is a great viewpoint with the panorama of the whole range stretching from southeast to northwest in the form of a huge bow. Velykyy Verkh, together with a nearby Hymba Mountain, is the main destination for paragliders in the Carpathians.
Shypit Waterfall is one of the most popular and attractive falls in the Ukrainian Carpathians, with its 5 cascades and the height of 14 m. It is an easy-accessible place, therefore it could be a crowded place during the high season. The place is also famous for the informal festival of alternative music, which takes place annually in the beginning of June.
Play mountain is one of the peaks of the Borzhava Range (1330 m asl). On the summit, there is a television transmitter and a functioning meteorological station. The impressive panoramas of Temnatyk Mountain (1344 m asl) to the northwest and Velykyy Verkh Mountain (1598 m asl) to the southeast open from the summit.


Hotel (double or twin room).


Meals in hotel (dinner and breakfast)
Snack breaks.


  • No alcohol during the active walking part of the tour
  • Please stick to the tour schedule and do keep up with the group
  • Do not litter and take your waste with you
  • Children under 16 should be accompanied by adults


English / German / Polish, and Ukrainian with consecutive interpretation to the aforementioned languages.

Additional information:

If you want to spend some time in Lviv and arrive before the tour, we are glad to offer the following services:
  • transfer from the railway station or airport
  • booking accommodation in hotels
  • guided tours
  • advice regarding your stay and leisure time in Lviv — don’t hesitate to ask!